Due to the expansion of the Shrine, we would warmly welcome further volunteers to help with the Shrine pilgrimage events. This will include staffing our retail and refreshment stalls during our 4 main pilgrimages of the season.

The dates we would welcome additional help are:

  • Sunday 1st May for Tamil One Pilgrimage
  • Saturday 9th July for Archdiocese of Westminster Pilgrimage
  • Sunday 10th July for Tamil Two Pilgrimage
  • Sunday 4th September for The Dowry of Mary Pilgrimage

Volunteers can claim a reimbursement of up to £40 to cover travel (a receipt is required).

If you would be interested in further information and an informal chat, please contact the Shrine at volunteers@walsingham.org.uk or call 01328 820495. We look forward to hearing from you.